This offer is no longer available as a single product. It is available as one of many courses in the Real Guitar Success Academy. You can get access here (trial available).

I've compiled 2 series on learning basic guitar,  added extra videos not available on YouTube, and threw in a deluxe  workbook and extra goodies.

Basic Guitar Chords And Songs is a simple and easy-to-follow series of video lessons and workbooks that will teach you how to play the 12 most important basic guitar chords; and then apply them to songs in a step-by-step manner... a great Quick Start  for the beginning guitarist or someone wanting an action packed review.


In this Course You Will Receive Access To...

    • Basic Guitar Chords Workbook AND 10 Bonus Exercises Workbook
    • Guitar Songs To Learn Workbook
    • All 10 of the Course Video Lessons
    • How To Play Guitar Chords video + workbook
    • Bonus Exercises Video
    • Live Chord Chart (worth the price on admission alone!)
    • Additional Bonus Videos, Transcriptions and MORE!

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    I currently own over 45 DVD's of guitar lessons and was really going nowhere fast. After watching "YOUR" first several videos, I am starting to really re-engage with my three guitars in a serious way. Your teaching method is much more interesting, instructive and  easier to follow so far.
    Mike Hernandez Union City, CA
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